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Our Story.

Inside DH is a Türkiye-based website about digital humanities. The main purpose of the IDH idea is to create the platform needed for digital humanities studies, which is still in its early stages of development, without being specialized in a field. IDH has 7 main headings. In the section we call I-Review, there will be reviews for projects, works, datasets and applications. In the How To DH section, we will get into the nitty-gritty of DH studies to ensure that everyone can learn fundamentals and processes of a DH project. How To DH is an especially valuable contribution to digital humanities because it has the potential to break down humanities scholars' prejudices against digital and inspire new work. This section will include interviews in text, podcast or video format. In Craft section, we will present techniques and tools of digital data collection (API, Web Scrapping, Online Experiments and Surveys)  and data analysis (NLP and text analysis, AI, agent based models, network, mapping, visualizations). The Actors section will feature individuals and organizations working in digital humanities in order to develop networks and collaborations. Another section, the Help Me! is one of the main themes of our website, aiming to provide the right guidance to researchers who are new to digital humanities or who wants to develop their ongoing works with digital techniques and tools. The Sources section will include essential readings and web resources on digital humanities. The last section, Follow Up, will include announcements and news, including Call for Papers(CfPs), Fellowships, Trainings. Here we aim to increase communication among DH enthusiasts.

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