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What is How to DH?

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce you to our innovative new and original concept: How to DH! This original idea serves as a valuable guide and resource for those interested in digital humanities.

Digital humanities is an exhilarating field that employs digital technologies to revolutionize research and inquiry in the social sciences and humanities. The How to DH delves into the heart of digital humanities, exploring its processes, tools, challenges, and advantages. The dissemination and awareness of methods, tools, and databases are crucial to the core philosophy of digital humanities. Therefore, How to DH holds the potential to make significant contributions to this domain.

The conception of How to DH has been influenced by the perception of digital humanities worldwide, particularly in Türkiye. While some traditional scholars are very strictly opposed to digital humanities, others are more open to embracing this emerging field. It is evident that both these groups, along with social sciences and humanities researchers venturing into the digital realm, harbor certain reservations and prejudices towards the field and its tools. By presenting the inner workings and remarkable achievements of digital humanities, the How to DH concept aims to showcase its possibilities and benefits. Through experiences shared by seasoned researchers and successful projects, this content will inspire newcomers and shift perspectives, demonstrating the potential of digital humanities.

How to DH offers great potential not only for those new to digital humanities but also for digitally-adapted social scientists and humanities scholars. Under this concept, digital research methods, tools, and databases will be presented alongside experienced researchers and their successful projects to foster awareness and dissemination. This networking of knowledge is crucial to the foundational philosophy of digital humanities, paving the way for new and innovative productions.

In this era of evolution in the approach to knowledge, the importance of digital tools in the approach of social sciences and humanities to all the mass of data, i.e. big data, can be understood how important these inspirations and potential contributions are. In this evolutionary process, the How to DH concept offers potential contributions to improve the way social scientists and humanities scholars approach the whole mass of data.

Inside Digital Humanities is excited to announce that we will take a journey together inside the kitchen of digital humanities with the How to DH concept. Through this initiative, you will discover the fundamental principles of digital humanities work, learn about new techniques, and actively engage in digital research processes. Join us on this exciting venture to embrace the boundless potential of digital humanities!

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